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UX/UI Design Bootcamp

Learn by doing

Learn the skills of a UX (user experience) & UI (user interface) Designer with these micro classes. Join live online classes via Zoom and collaborate in Figma, Miro, and Notion. You’ll gain the tools necessary to land a UX/UI job with a designer mindset after this bootcamp.

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Learning Process

ux education teaching method
Try Fail Fix

Learn by failure

Learn by failure

We teach with a designer mindset—during the course of this bootcamp we’ll mentor you and review your designs, which helps you to perfect your process and designs.

We understand that failure is necessary and part of the design process. We will be able to assist you and find the solution after a mistake or failure. Above all else, we want you to be willing to learn and grow.

The technical stuff is coming later

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ux bootcamp

Bootcamp Overview

1-1 Mentorship
Small Group
36 Live Classes

This class focuses on User Experience and User Interface design. Our curriculum is a unique and innovative combination, built on the strategy of a practical system. You will study experimental design by practice, problem solving, and review.

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Learn UX/UI step by step with our practical approach that focuses 100% on “learn-by-doing”

UX Concept by everyday objects
Everyday objects
As well as meeting your UX/UI classmates in our Bootcamp slack channel, we will begin by designing everyday objects. You will start by designing a TV remote control. Here’s how we will begin:
  • Meet your classmates in Slack
  • Create Notion, Figma, Miro accounts
  • Design an everyday object
  • Intro to Visual Note-taking
  • Design Critiques
Sketching a Mobile Design
First project starts
After warming up with everyday objects, we’ll dive into app design where you’ll create the structure of an app. While you are working on sketches, you will also learn how to teach others. We believe that the fastest most effective way of learning is teaching.
  • Intro to Design Terminology
  • Intro to Wireframe
  • Sketching our first app
  • Design Critique
Designing in Figma
Figma intro
This week we will start transferring our paper sketches to Figma, which is going to become your favorite tool. Figma is used all around the world and is our main design platform. App critiques will also start this week.
  • Intro Figma
  • Design Terminology Exercises
  • Sketching Our First Mobile App
  • User Flow Critique
Design Critique Week
UX Theory
Critique is the most important part of this bootcamp. You can't learn to ride a bike by reading books. Mistakes are your best friends during the learning process. Deep analysis and review of your project will help you see your mistakes.
  • Design Terminology
  • User Flow Critiques
  • Design Critiques
Visual Design
UI Concept
This week we will get into visual design. Here, you’ll see how user interface and the user experience are connected. We will learn what creativity is, and how we can gain it.
  • Create a Moodboard
  • Intro to User Interface
  • Creating Visual Concepts
  • Design Reviews
  • Typography Micro class
Case Study Complete
Portfolio building
The most important part of your portfolio will be your case study. It helps the potential employee to see the whole path of your mindset, which is the most important part of the job. You will explain the problem and show the solution you have found.
  • Intro to UX Writing
  • Complete Your Case Study
  • Design Reviews
  • Present Your Project
  • Special Guest
Product Redesign Project
Final project starts
The final project of this bootcamp is going to be a redesign project. This will be completely UX research.
  • Design Thinking
  • Find the Problem
  • Know the User/Empathy
  • Provide a Solution
  • Create Connections/Artful Thinking
Critique Sessions
Fix your design
This phase of the bootcamp is all about mentoring and critiquing your research and design process.
  • UX Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Research Analysis
  • Ideation
  • Drawing Wireframes
  • Creating Visuals
  • Suprise Guest
Interview Prep
Interview Prep
Interviews are quite tricky to land in UX/UI design. We will get you prepared and ready with mock interviews and challenges.
  • Communication Techniques
  • Improv
  • Stress Management
  • How to Ask Questions

Outstanding Portfolio 🎉

We will design a portfolio on / You will get a Notion portfolio template. During the bootcamp we will design 2 mobile applications for your portfolio.

2 Mobile Applications
2 Case Studies


Why should I choose the UX/UI bootcamp?
You should take this bootcamp and start an amazing career in UX/UI design if you want:
  • to work in high demand industry
  • to choose your working hours
  • to discover your creative side
  • to travel not depending on vacations
  • to meet new cool people
  • to help people
Do I need a design background?
You don't need any design background. You just need the enthusiasm to learn design
Can I be a designer?
Yes, you can. Design is all about a defined process. This is not a talent; this is a skill to learn. 5% of it needs talent. 95% is learning.
I am not a creative person; do I need creativity?
Creativity is essential, but it can be learned by different types of people. Every human is creative. We will help you to realize it
Does the instructor have experience in practice?
Yes, I have been working in the industry for over 13 years. I currently work as a product designer in a Silicon Valley-based startup. I designed mobile applications, which are used by over 500.000+ users. I know where you can fail and how you can fix them.
Do I need a coding background?
No, you don't need any coding background. We won’t write even a single line of code

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  • checkJoin a class of 10 designers
  • check36 Live UX/UI Classes
  • checkJoin Bootcamp slack
  • checkComplete 20hr Prep Tasks
  • checkWrite UX/UI articles
  • checkComplete UX/UI reading list
  • checkMaster design thinking
  • checkCreate 2 UX/UI case studies
  • checkComplete a remote design sprint
  • checkCreate & launch UX/UI portfolio

Who is the Instructor?

nurullah gokdogan

Hello, this is Nurullah, a designer with more than 13 years of experience. My 4 applications are on the app store with over 500.000 users. I worked on all kinds of design projects and consultancy services in the past. I live in Hawaii being a heavy traveler. This is the best part of being a designer. It gives you the freedom to work anywhere.

Taking tons of certification classes on various topics I had a chance to analyze every single teachers’ method. The secret is that the most effective classes have one thing in common, they get your hands dirty at first.

It took me years to understand the concept of UX and UI learning it the hard way. But luckily, I had a chance to fail so many times. For sure, if we learn technical terminology and details at first, we make it so hard to understand. I decided to reverse the teaching method. Now I can teach even kids.

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